■Within you lies infinite power and possibilities.

■That the Power within You can be Awakened and Brought into expression by holding High Ideals in the Mind, Affirmations, and Meditation.

■There is so much Importance of “Me Time” both night and morning can enter You in a super-conscious realm where your word is Creative.

■That what you Speak Creates Life Or Death & what you Think Turns Into Things. ■Following High Principles Brings True Success That Can be Achieved.

■Picture a Higher Life the highest you can imagine and Affirm that it is Yours. Remember that this Higher Life is without sickness, disease, Poverty, & forward with Joy & You can Never Fail.


The objectives of this course are:

■To change your mental attitude

■To direct your thoughts into those channels which lead to success, achievement, health, happiness and perfect good

■The development of the inward POWER

■The overcoming of bad habits

■The building up of character

■The discovery and development of the creative ability


■Module 1 - Use Your Mind to Get Results

■Module 2 - Imagine What You Want

■Module 3 - Visualize at Deeper Levels

■Module 4 - Sketch Out Your Plan

■Module 5 - Organize and Get Into Action

■Module 6 - Productivity, Persistence and Momentum

■Module 7 - Review Results and Overcome Obstacles

■Module 8 - Put It All Together on a Daily Basis

These Lessons are designed to help you get clarity on your mindset, find specific actions to take, and creatively raise your vibration to start manifesting abundance into your life.

****Must Watch**** Link To Blueprint For Soul Growth https://youtu.be/rpsr6FGqsWs 

Level Up In Life Course

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