Design Thinker, Industrial and Organizational Consultant, Master Level Substance & Alcohol Abuse Consultant, & Crisis Manager.

When you enhance the spiritual connection with thyself, you attract high vibrational people, places, and things built on inner security and healthy communication. In return enhances your personal lives, relationships, & businesses.

As you work to become conscious of your needs, wants, and desires you are able to turn your dreams to reality.

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June 8, 2020

*20 Keys to Conscious Creation*

1.) The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things and shows us what we have created.

2.) Everything in our world is connected to everything else.

3.) To tap the force of the universe itself, we mu...

September 4, 2019

8 Rules to getting unstuck

1. You can’t move forward when you’re looking backward.

2. Meditating on the obstacle only makes it bigger.

3. Emotions are teachers.

4. Inspiration won’t chase you down.

5. You can’t control which thoughts show up, but you can control which ones...

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